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Your Child's Day

A Glimpse into Your Child's Day

At Rising Stars, we curate a day full of exciting and engaging activities designed to nurture your child’s development. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a government framework, we focus on fostering growth across seven key areas. From playtime to educational exploration, every moment is thoughtfully crafted to provide a well-rounded and stimulating experience for your child’s development.

Drop Off and Breakfast Time

In the morning, we welcome your child with excitement and breakfast for early arrivals. Our experienced nursery teams help settle children, offering you a crucial opportunity to share any specific needs or concerns.


In the morning, we dive into a variety of engaging child and adult-led activities, including special time with key persons for personalised learning. Children are empowered to choose activities, promoting enjoyment and personal growth.


At around 11:30 am, lunchtime provides an opportunity for staff to join children, creating a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience with a diverse selection of healthy options.

Nap Time

For younger babies, multiple naps are common, gradually reducing to one afternoon nap as they grow. We tailor our approach to accommodate individual sleep needs, collaborating with you to establish a suitable routine.


In the afternoons, we engage in a diverse range of activities that promote play, exploration, discovery, and growth. Tailored to each child's preferences, these activities boost confidence and understanding through positive reinforcement.

Tea Time

At around 3:30 pm, children come together for a balanced, delicious tea that complements their earlier lunch, ensuring they are filled and satisfied.

Home Time

When you arrive, our staff shares valuable insights into your child's day, discussing their learning and development. For your child's safety, we strictly follow collection procedures, requiring proof of identity and an agreed-upon password.

Prompt Pick-Up and Tailored Learning at Rising Stars

We highly value punctuality, and in the event of anticipated lateness, kindly notify the nursery beforehand to avoid any late collection fees. At Rising Stars, your child’s journey is individually tailored to their unique pace and preferences, creating an environment that fosters a genuine love for learning and holistic development.