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The Rising Stars Scholarship Fund

At The Rising Stars Nursery, we’re dedicated to offering affordable and high-quality child care. Our goal is to support children of all backgrounds in the local community. To extend our reach and help as many children as possible, we’ve launched a new initiative, Rising Stars Scholarship Fund!
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This fund has been created so that we can help parents who are currently registered, or intend to register, by providing financial support to those who are unable to fulfil the full financial commitment required to access childcare services.

Ideal for parents who need extra time to drop off and pick up their children during their daily work schedule, this fund is offered on an hourly basis as an additional allowance allowing parents to apply for a top-up to their current hours.

To be eligible, you must fit the following criteria

Your child must register/ be registered with Rising Stars Nursery

Your child must be attending the equivalent of one full day a week

Your financial needs fall into one of the following categories: financial needs based on household income, single-parent family based on household income, sibling of a child with special needs

To apply for the scholarship fund, email the nursery head office at: admin@risingstarsnurseries.com

Please note, this scholarship fund is not for a full-time placement and offered on an annual basis. Interested parents must complete a means-tested scholarship application form and be ready to declare their financial situation. Successful applicants could be entitled to up to the equivalent of 8 hours a month

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