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Our Policies & Procedures

Guidelines and Practices

Our accessible guidelines ensure transparency and collaboration among staff, parents, carers, and organisations. Displayed and reviewed regularly, these policies cover vital aspects, including safety, learning support, privacy, diversity celebration, nutrition, and more. Your feedback is crucial in creating a nurturing environment for your child’s early years.

We actively engage with parents to understand and support each child’s unique needs. Through ongoing dialogue, we keep parents informed about their child’s progress, our curriculum, and daily activities. Communication occurs through meetings, verbal updates, and written exchanges. We maintain a diary system for food, sleep, and changes for young children and share records of development and activities. Parents play a role in planning outings, themes, menus, and projects. All parents have access to our compliance manual and policies. An open-door policy encourages parents to visit, share queries, or offer suggestions. Together, we strive to provide the best for your child.

Your feedback and engagement are vital as we collectively work to create a nurturing and enriching environment for your child’s early years.

Guiding Principles

Timely Collection Policy

At Rising Stars, punctuality is highly valued. If you anticipate being late for your child’s pick-up, we kindly request that you notify the nursery in advance. Late collection fees may apply to ensure the efficiency of our operations and the well-being of all children.

Individualised Learning Approach

Your child’s journey at Rising Stars is meticulously tailored to their unique pace and preferences. Our focus is on fostering a love for learning and development, creating a positive and supportive environment for every child.

Communication and Feedback

We encourage open communication between parents and our staff. Regular updates about your child’s progress, activities, and any specific needs are provided. We value your input and are here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Health and Safety Guidelines

The well-being of your child is our top priority. Our health and safety guidelines are designed to create a secure environment, encompassing everything from hygiene practices to emergency procedures. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines to ensure the safety of all children.

Enrollment and Admission Procedures

Our enrollment and admission procedures are outlined to make the process clear and accessible. From necessary documentation to settling-in sessions, we strive to make the transition into Rising Stars smooth for both parents and children.

Behavioral Expectations

We uphold a positive and respectful atmosphere within our nursery. Our behavioral expectations outline the standards we set for both children and staff, ensuring a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone.

Fee Structure and Payment Policies

Understanding our fee structure and payment policies is crucial for a transparent and stress-free experience. Details about fees, payment schedules, and any applicable discounts or subsidies are provided during our enrolment process.

Emergency Contact and Notification

In case of emergencies, it is vital for us to have updated and accurate contact information for parents and authorized individuals. Please review and ensure that your emergency contacts are current to facilitate prompt communication.

Grievance and Conflict Resolution

At our nursery, addressing concerns is a top priority. We value open communication and take a personalised approach to resolve any issues or conflicts that may arise. Your feedback is important to us, and we’re here to ensure a positive experience for your family.

We encourage you to delve into each section for a thorough grasp of our policies and procedures. Your cooperation in following these guidelines greatly enhances the overall success and well-being of our Rising Stars community.

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