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Curriculum & Learning Approach

Engage, Explore, Excel: Where Every Child Shines

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED)

Empowers children to build confidence, self-awareness, and positive relationships.

Communication and Language (CL)

Enhances verbal and non-verbal communication. Boosts vocabulary, listening, and expressive skills for effective learning.

Physical Development (PD)

Promotes physical well-being through active play and motor skills development. Aids learning by encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.


Develops early reading and writing skills. Empowers children to explore and express themselves through language.


Cultivates numeracy skills and mathematical understanding. Aids learning by introducing problem-solving and logical thinking.

Understanding the World / Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Inspires creativity, broadens cultural awareness, and fosters artistic abilities.

More Than ABCs: A Holistic Roadmap for Young Minds

Holistic Learning Environment

We create a secure and engaging learning environment for your child. Our well-equipped rooms and beautiful outdoor spaces are crafted to spark curiosity and make every moment memorable.

Integrated Curriculum - Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our tailored curriculum, deeply rooted in the Early Years Foundation Stage, guarantees a well-rounded learning adventure, honing key areas of your child's growth.

Educational Support and Key Person System

Our Key Person approach ensures each child has a dedicated adult for emotional support and development. This special bond offers security and continuity, aiding smooth transitions between rooms. Key persons actively communicate with parents, fostering a strong partnership for the child's well-being.

Enriching Extracurricular Activities

We enrich your child's experience with our varied extracurricular activities—music, dance, physical exercise—fostering physical development, creativity, and social skills.

Transparent, All-Inclusive Fees

We are pleased to offer transparent, all-inclusive fees, covering meals, snacks, and drinks. Our straightforward fee structure enables you to focus on your child's education without any hidden costs.

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The Rising Stars Scholarship Fund

At The Rising Stars Nursery, our commitment is to offer accessible and affordable high-quality childcare for all families in our local community. To further support children from diverse backgrounds, we’ve introduced the Rising Stars Scholarship Fund.

To be eligible, you must fit the following criteria:

Your child must register/ be registered with Rising Stars Nursery

Your child must be attending the equivalent of one full day a week

Your financial needs fall into one of the following categories: financial needs based on household income, single-parent family based on household income, sibling of a child with special needs